Bright Kids, Bad Grades

    • Part 1

      This segment focuses on kids who have learning disabilities and the hardships they face trying to cope with them.

    • Part 2

      See why kids with learning disabilities can be brilliant and why kids intelligence should not be measured by their disability.

    • Part 3

      Hear the story of Matthew Lavine. He suffers from a learning disability, but was unaware of it for years. Without having the proper help he needed, Matthew began acting out and getting into trouble.

    • Part 4

      Jodie Finney was diagnosed with a learning disability over twenty years ago. At a young age she learned she was not stupid and that she would have to work very hard to learn to read. Now Jody is on her way to getting a Ph.D in physical therapy.

    • Part 5

      Matthew Lavine's expulsion from public school allowed him to get a fresh start and the help he needed for his learning disability.

  • Bright Kids, Bad Grades

    Grade Level: Elementary, Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Nearly 3 million American students have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. Most are bright and eager to learn, but they struggle to keep up in school. They get frustrated, teased, and sometimes labeled as “stupid” or “lazy.” Experts say it’s important to help children find their strength, and to remind them not to give up hope. Learn about innovative programs that help kids succeed, hear inspiring true stories and latest learning research — and help your child to thrive.


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