Families: Bullying and Violence Prevention

From the Archives

These stories from the archives contain important themes that remain relevant today.

Videos within this archive may contain statistics and/or images that are somewhat out of date. However, the themes and stories of each Connect with Kids reality-based program remain valuable and timely and are used in classrooms across America. After watching each video (with your student), we suggest using the accompanying .pdf print materials to engage in dialogue and explore each topic at a deeper level.

Video & Print

5-Part Video Series with Reflection Sheets
Each Connect with Kids reality-based program streams in five segments. Download an accompanying Family Viewing Guide with additional information and conversation starters.

Video & Print

Video Shorts and Reflection Sheets
Watch a short two-minute video featuring real kids and their stories, with more information and questions to discuss with your family.

Video & Print

Bullying and Violence Prevention Video Series
Each Connect with Children based on reality in five program sequences 5 to 8 minutes.