Good Kids, Bad Choices

    • Part 1

      Teens, parents and experts explore the choices we make… and the difference between taking a risk and an extreme risk.

    • Part 2

      Braden, looking for acceptance among friends, found it among other drug users… the “stoner kids.” Explore teen dangers of choosing the wrong crowd.

    • Part 3

      Sarah and Markita share stories of the unintended consequences of sexual choices… disease and pregnancy.

    • Part 4

      Ashley shares her story of drugs, alcohol and driving – and a car accident that left her paralyzed and wondering, Why me?

    • Part 5

      Wes knew his friends had too much to drink one night, but kept quiet and got in the car anyway. And he remembers that right before the wreck that left two teens dead, everyone was laughing and having a good time.

  • Good Kids, Bad Choices

    Grade Level:Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School

    About the Program

    Risk taking is a normal part of growing up. Yet, why do some adolescents and teens take dangerous risks? What are the underlying causes of bad choices they make? Is there something parents and teachers can do to help minimize the risks of adolescence? This program explores positive and negative risk taking with real stories from teens and families, along with advice from experts.


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