On the Rocks

    • Part 1

      The United States has the highest alcohol problem among western countries. Some argue teen drinking is now an epidemic.

    • Part 2

      Hear the story of two fathers who allowed their daughters to throw a party knowing that there would be underage drinking.

    • Part 3

      Underage drinking can result in brain damage. K.T. Taylor admits to having trouble remembering things. She was put in rehab at age 16 for a drinking problem.

    • Part 4

      Binge drinking makes up ninety percent of underage drinking. This results in risky behaviors.

    • Part 5

      Learn why the number of kids drinking is rising. It starts with the example adults set for the kids around them.

  • On the Rocks

    Grade Level: Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Are parents sending mixed messages to teens when it comes to alcohol? Teen drinking is reaching epidemic proportions. Learn what parents can do to stop the trend.


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