Power of Expectations

    • Part 1

      Competitive runner Ali Traina discusses the people who influence her personal expectations: her parents, her coach and her teammates.

    • Part 2

      Experts discuss the fine line between too much pressure and not enough.

    • Part 3

      After a mentor comes to her rescue, Tiffany Harris goes from a student getting F's in class to someone who sets goals and does what she can to meet the expectations around her. Experts explore the factors to help motivate kids to set goals and live up to them.

    • Part 4

      Rigden Road Elementary School teachers and parents stress expectations for students to take advantage of opportunities, not have excuses, and be the best kids they can be. Experts say that kids sense expectations as early as a few months after birth.

    • Part 5

      Meeting expectations and goals require hard work and concentration. Ali Traina's parents say although she may not reach her goal, she has already lived up to their expectations; as long as she works hard and does her best.

  • Power of Expectations

    Grade Level: Elementary, Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Expectations of parents, teachers and peers all have a tremendous influence on kids – in sports, in school and in life. Students, what does everyone seem to expect for your future, and what should you expect for yourself?


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