Running Scared

    • Part 1

      Kids today compete in every aspect of their lives and the level is rising. This is leading to anxiety, depression, drinking and even suicide.

    • Part 2

      The Cooper family has five kids, four playing competitive sports. They are a competitive family, but they try and balance their time along with teaching their kids the importance of effort, rather than winning.

    • Part 3

      The competition to get into college is higher than ever before. Kelly Zalocusky doesn't think of herself as competitive, but three perfect scores on college entrance tests says otherwise.

    • Part 4

      Megan Eberhard began developing an eating disorder in the seventh grade due to the pressure she felt to be skinny. Life became about comparison to others.

    • Part 5

      Competition can be good for putting winning and losing into perspective. Sports, grades, test scores, and getting into college are all important, but they are not life or death.

  • Running Scared

    Grade Level: Elementary, Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Grades, standardized test scores, sports, award, extracurricular activities — the competition kids face is endless and non-stop. What is at the root of this desire to excel and succeed? What are the effects of not winning? And can kids be expected to handle this kind of competition at such a young age?


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