Screen Addicts

    • Part 1

      Explore the role of computers, Internet and TV and video games in today's society.

    • Part 2

      The Delano family finds that most of their family time is spent in front of a screen, or fighting about who gets to be on the computer. Experts discuss screen addiction and the time not spent socializing or being outside.

    • Part 3

      Explore the story of Joshua Kloyda, who started to watch online porn at the age of 12 and his subsequent addiction and lifestyle.

    • Part 4

      Daniel Gushue's dream of becoming a surgeon was put on the back burner when he became addicted to online gambling. Unable to pay his bills and other expenses, relationships around him became strained.

    • Part 5

      Experts explain the importance of balancing real-life with screen life and teaching kids to manage their screen time.

  • Screen Addicts

    Grade Level: Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Explore the realities of technology that has overtaken kids’ lives: siblings who constantly fight over use of the family computer, a teenager whose addiction to online pornography started when he was 12 years old, and another teen who got hooked on Internet gambling and is now paying off $18,000 in credit card debt.


    Segment lessons are for middle and high school students. The Resource Guide includes a fact sheet and tip sheet for parents.

    Resource Guide

    Family Viewing Guide

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