Silent Witness

    • Part 1

      Kids talk about their experience on bullying, whether they are the bully, the victim, or the witness to bullying.

    • Part 2

      Kyle Finn shares his experience of being bullied in school and how it hurt when his friends watched but did nothing to stop it.

    • Part 3

      Stanzi Sanders was bullied and teased in school. While she was being bullied, other kids and even friends didn’t do anything but watch.

    • Part 4

      Sometimes it does require a parent to step in and talk to their kids school about how to change the bullying climate in the school.

    • Part 5

      Students discuss different ways in which they can make a change to the bullying problems at their school.

  • Silent Witness

    Grade Level: Elementary, Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Learn strategies to reverse bullying and social cruelty by involving the bystanders who stand by and do nothing.


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