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    At 17 years old, Anthony’s transcript looks like a roller coaster. Sometimes he’s doing well in school and other times he struggles with failure. Some of his classes are challenging and some are a little boring. But music class, his music teacher and his friends in the band keep Anthony interested and in school. He explains, “Well, going to my music class, it’s my relaxing part of the day.”

    Students are encouraged to find something at school that they like – art, sports, music, academic teams – something enjoyable to balance out the challenges of academic work. Through extracurricular activities, schools strive to make it more fun for students to stay engaged in learning throughout high school.

    Many students say that staying in school and getting an education are accomplishments that can’t be taken away and will pay off in the future.


    1. Describe Anthony’s transcript.
    2. What keeps him in school?
    3. What does George Tucker, coordinator of New Media Academy, Crenshaw High School, tell students they should try to find in school?


    1. What or who keeps you in school?
    2. How do you see school “paying off” for you in the future?
    3. Are there things going on at school that keep you there, other than your desire to graduate?

    Give it a Try!

    Whether at school, out in the community, with your church, mosque or synagogue, try out a new group or activity for at least a month. Sports, arts, cultural, community service… there’s something for everyone! Keep a journal or blog about your trial experience. What’s challenging? Who have you met? Do you want to stick with this, or try something else?

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    When students are encouraged to find something at school that they like – art, sports, music, or academic teams – that enjoyment can balance academic challenges and keep kids in school.

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