The Trouble with Boys

    • Part 1

      Some say the education system favors girls and won't let boys be boys.

    • Part 2

      Studies show boys learn differently than girls and benefit from active learning.

    • Part 3

      Eric was diagnosed with a learning disability and then with ADD. He was put on Ritalin to help him in school. Yet, Eric did not need drugs to be a better student, but instead support from his parents and teachers.

    • Part 4

      Hear the story of Jason Watson and what led him to drop out of school.

    • Part 5

      The trouble is not with boys, the trouble is the mismatch between boys and the school systems in place. Boys need to have the opportunity to be active and energetic to discover their strengths.

  • The Trouble with Boys

    Grade Level: Elementary, Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Why do boys struggle so much in school? Experts have proven there are learning differences between boys and girls. Watch The Trouble with Boys and learn how schools are adapting – and what parents can do for their boys.


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