Warning Signs

    • Part 1

      Most kids leave warning signs at a young age of the trouble to come. These signs are usually never in the form of words, but instead through kids actions.

    • Part 2

      Hear Irma Vargas talk about the warning signs she saw in her daughter Bianca at the age of four that caused her to seek help from a professional.

    • Part 3

      Karen Delany talks about the warning signs that played a role in her son Kyle taking his own life.

    • Part 4

      K.C. Holt suffered from depression due to bullying. Then a fellow classmate named Dorothy took on a role to help K.C. in school and helped her get her confidence back.

    • Part 5

      If no one asks or helps, experts say the warning signs will only get louder. Getting help early can help save decades of pain.

  • Warning Signs

    Grade Level: Elementary, Middle & High School

    About the Program

    Depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide … many health care professionals argue that these mental health problems afflict more of our children today than ever, and many of these kids are undiagnosed. 80 percent more teenage girls are hospitalized for depression, compared to ten years ago. And the CDC reports that one in five teens will consider suicide, and one in ten will make a serious attempt. What are the warning signs of these illnesses? How can parents help? And can kids help each other?


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