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April 2013

School Connectedness:

Helping Students

Feel Safe and Secure 

     When the news of the day frightens and bewilders even the most secure adults, how can we help kids to feel the safety and security they need to learn and grow? We know that students who feel connected to their school are more likely to have better academic achievement, school attendance and stay in school longer.

    Experts encourage school administrators to implement holistic strategies and tools that focus on improving overall school climate and teacher/student relationships. It is that emotional connection that truly builds the school culture that promotes caring, compassion and concern over competition. 

Just last week a U.S. Senate committee began to evaluate the bipartisan Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act to expand the use and funding of positive behavior support services and early intervention. According to an Education Week report, the proposed legislation would:

·  encourage states to help districts and schools implement new mental health programs using funds from the Safe and Drug Free Schools National Activities program;

·  clarify that Title I Funds can be used to draft emergency management plans and for school-wide intervention services; and

·  renew grant programs to help train school staff and others to recognize signs of mental illness.

    Join the schools nationwide using Connect with Kids multimedia resources — and the power of storytelling — to spark the emotional connection that inspires positive behavior and cultural change.

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Inside Out: The Book


Teen author Chandler DeWitt shares real stories about the real choices that face teens today. Twenty six chapters with questions and journaling activities correlate to character traits. 

Click here to watch an interview with the author and to order.

About Connect with Kids 

Research shows Connect with Kids reality-based video storytelling, production techniques and peer-to-peer learning spark emotional connections that inspire positive behavioral and cultural change. 

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